Drawer Magnets
Drawer Magnets are primarily used in plastics processing to prevent tramp metal damage to injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, and extruders. These drawer magnets provide economical continuous protection against costly machine downtime for all types of plastic resin processing machinery. Mounted directly on the feed throat of your plastic processing equipment, Drawer Magnets help prevent ferrous tramp metals from contaminating resin and reduce maintenance due to plugged nozzles, mould gates, and extrusion dies.

The fast and easy removal of the magnetic drawer encourages frequent cleaning of the magnets. Unlike the conventional “in hopper” magnets, the drawer magnet must be in place in order to allow operation of the processing machinery. Once in place, the magnetic grid cannot shift to one side leaving open areas for tramp metal to slip through.

The heavy duty cast aluminum design will support a symmetrical compression load of 12,000 lbs.

Drawer Magnets are available in three sizes with or without the spill-proof slide gate and are custom machined to suit your application.




Hopper Magnets

PROTHERMEX also offers a complete line of hopper and grate magnets with the following specifications:

  • stainless steel construction
  • available in round and square/rectangular models
  • wide variety of sizes available
  • your choice of diverter angles or diverter rods installed on the hopper magnet
  • manufactured to your specifications
  • contain standard ceramic magnets or high strength rare earth magnets

Please contact our office for a quick quotation of the model and size that is needed for your application.