PROTHERMEX offers a complete line of parts and accessories for your temperature control units. Not sure what specific parts you need? Contact us for a detailed quotation.

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In addition to providing the specific parts for your Spaltemp equipment, PROTHERMEX also operates and, your source for top quality, safe, dependable, and energy efficient heat exchangers and industrial heaters.  Simply submit one quote request online using your technical specifications and our partner suppliers throughout North America will size and provide a quote that is suitable for your application.

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  • Complete Pump Assemblies and Pump Parts – seals, gaskets, impellers, shafts, pump brackets and volutes, and more!
  • Motors and Motor Parts
  • Heater Tanks and Insulation
  • Heat Transfer Fluid, Cleaning Fluid, Flushing Fluid
  • High Temperature Hoses
  • Digital Temperature Controllers
  • Pyrotape and Pyrosil Tape
  • Solenoid Valves and Repair Kits
  • Plumbing Components – pressure switches, pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, safety thermostats, temperature sensors, mechanical air vents, gate, ball, and check valves, sight glass assemblies and parts, Y-strainers, basket strainers, and more!
  • Electrical Components – heater contactors, push buttons, switches, disconnect switches, fuses and fuse blocks, indicator lights, and more!

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